Friday, December 11, 2009

The Man

Sebastian Kruger...dont wana say much.

I feel like his work speaks for itself. Take a listen...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where's Liu???

Photographer/ artist Liu Bolin is a native of China.

His works takes the idea of camouflage to another level

Kind of reminds me of Where's Waldo...whom I could NEVER find! Liu's work is interesting...
See if you can find Liu.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Missed You

As my eyes peek from under my cover I stare @ my phone
Not just b/c it’s less than inches from my face but b/c I’m hoping he texted
The Night B4:
My phone died at 5ish and didn’t get a chance to recharge until 9
Give or take 3-4 hours...
I wonder what he has say to me...
The Witching Hours:
I nod to sleep n wake at 4 still nothing...
U told me about your plans for the day so there’s no doubt that your busy
But if indeed you had you found the time to swim threw my thoughts???
I rock back to gaze at the darkness
What’s a girl to do now...
Try in fall back to sleep...
Can’t do that b/c your swimming
Watch some TV...can’t do that b/c I still don’t know your favorite shows…
Listen to your heart beat…I wish…
So I opt for a cigarette...

From me to Facebook Cudi...

Alright, I'll just get it out the way now...I know I'm a total loser for even requesting Kid Cudi as a friend on Facebook. I've also come to realize I'm prob an even bigger loser for writing him a short poem.
Needless to say I'm still waiting on the friend confirmation lol. No hard feelings Cudi, ur not real anyway...but I am still a super fan n supporter and can wait to see him live January 12...whooooooo!
Love Jessica

Facebook says "if you know him add him as a friend"...

I surly do not know u

but ur musical charge is changing my life...

I feel like I know the pieces uve chosen to euphorically preserve

n therefore…

I know the Scott ud like me to know...

now...since we're old friends the "add" is merely the next step ^_^

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wood is the Word...

I recently came a cross sculpture Gehard Demetz. A native of Italy Demetz is an amazing craftsman.

Using his children as inspiration for his most recent collection of work, Demetz uses wood in an intresting way. Each sculpture gives off a sence of melencoly mystery.
As if, the children have something to say.
They are inviting us into their world of mystery.

Their missing pieces makes me think that possibily, there is something missing from their lives. Or they could possibly be pieces that have been taken from there lives and are never to be replaced.

Zu Pan Zu Pan...

For the past three days, maybe two, Ive been all about Kerstin Zu Pan!Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Zu Pan has a corky way of mixing sex appeal with fantasy.

Of all, I truly enjoy her use of color and props, i.e. colorful wigs, sparkling make up, paper, etc.

She also has the ability to bring something extra out of her models, I cant quite describe it. As I look through her photos it is as if they understand, and work with Zu Pan to create an image that tells a story unseen.

Kerstin Zu Pan takes us to space, and beyond the world as we know it today. Ending in a place that is clean bright and beautiful. Check out her site...amazing and great soundtrack!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

International Flair

For all my International travelers&those of you cool enough to live in London. I have something delectable & naughty <3.>for you. My cousin Kenya just opened a very hip boutique in Marylebone high street, London. It is filled with lingerie, jewelry, perfume,& naughty books

It has a very sophisticated design, it is every shoppers dream. You can even sip on a gin&tonic while you read a trashy novel or a fashion book in the back libra
ry. The 1960's Black&Gold art deco back drop can get anyone in the mood to buy some fab. lounge wear or try on an exclusive new label.

Apartment C has already been featured in
The Sunday Times
The Independent
Draper's Magazine
Design Week

>>>> i
provide links to most of the articles so that you can check them out. You can also become a fan of Kenya store on Facebook (Click here for link)
There a some pics of my cousin Kenya (a very biz savvy skinny bitch) you know how i love the skinny ladies. A picture of her

Thats all I have for now. Check out here site and tell me what you Think. Also follow me on Twitter Kdanai